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Wednesday 4th June


Glum faces in the bar as the wind howled through from the south west attacking a west going tide causing too much white water for racing.

Sunday 8th June


The sun shone, the water sparkled, the wind blew gently from the south with the tide ebbing. The course was 3, 9, 17, 8, twice round with all but 9 to port. Puffin led from the line followed by Diatom and Pimpernel. With the wind blowing up the river, all three boats got to 3 in one tack, so then it was up spinnaker and off to 9. All boats were close at 9, but Puffin and Diatom pulled away by keeping up their kites on a very shy reach to 17, before easing to get out to 8. Puffin pulled away on the close leg to the line and back to 3. Diatom tacked for 3 a little early and lost momentum, letting Pimpernel close the gap. On the way back to 9, Diatom pulled away again as Pimpernel had an hour-glass in her spinnaker. Again Puffin and Diatom carried their kites from 9 to 17, which opened up the gap back to Pimpernel. Puffin went on to win followed by Diatom. Pimpernel was coming in third but went the wrong side if the ODM and had to do a quick retreat before finally finishing.


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