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The sun continued to shine on the happy sailors in the Y fleet and the wind stayed in the south, but was forecast to drop, so the course was set on the Island side of the Solent. Puffin recovered from a slow start to race off into the lead, while the return of Anthea to Wednesday night racing brought a second place. Pimpernel beat Blandina for the third place.


The Prince Consort Race was given a course of Gurnard Ledge and Quinnell both to port. With the last couple of hours of flood tide and a steady F3-4 blowing from the SW, three YOD’s set off: Diatom, Pimpernel and Puffin. Hoisting their large spinnakers, which so delight the XOD fleet, Diatom andPuffin gradually overhauled all the open dayboats and a few of the Folkboats.  Pimpernel’s performance was a little weedier, so she gradually fell behind. After a gibe at Gurnard Ledge, then kites came down at Quinnell for a beat back to Yarmouth with the flood still running hard in the middle. Puffin sailed down the Beaulieu River to get past Diatom for a few tacks until she was put about by the Commodore and forced out into the tide. Diatom did not need a second invitation and pounced to re-take the lead. As they tacked down the shore, both boats came over to the Island shore at the same time, Diatombeing careful to cover and finish ahead, leaving Puffin second and Pimpernelthird.
The sun continued to shine, although a little weaker. The wind had shifted overnight to the NNE F 2-3. A course of 2- 4-0-T- HE was set. At the startPuffin got away well with Diatom and Anthea in hot pursuit, while Pimperneland Blandina had a tussle behind. The reach from 2 to 4 was too tight for spinnakers, so they were deployed after 4 for the long run to Sconce. Antheagot her kite pulling first and got past Diatom and Blandina, having shaken offPimpernel, started to threaten third place. A little gentle luffing and close kite control dealt with that, but the order remained the same after sconce and for the beat out to T (Lymington Bank) where the flood tide was still strong, despite it ebbing inshore. After Lymington Bank, Puffin and Diatom hoisted kites but Anthea delayed fatally, allowing Diatom to forge ahead of her by the last mark. At the finish the order was Puffin, Diatom, Anthea, Blandinaand Pimpernel.

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