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Four Y’s came to the line, although with the wind at Force 4, Lord T needed a bit of persuasion by his crew. With the mighty Puffin leading the fleet as usual, but with special guest Catwoman (AKA Michelle) on board , Anthea showed that the decision to sail was worthwhile by coming in second. Blandina had dragged Ethan from the bar and looked like a Boy Band outing. After a few alarms they got past Pimpernel to finish third.

SUNDAY 7th June
Six boats came to the line on a beautiful sunny morning. The wind was gentle from the NE, and there was the likelihood of the sea breeze killing it off. After a debate, the course was set as #, 11, twice round, leaving to starboard. At the start, Diatom and Pimpernel got good starts, but Diatom lost # and tacked for 8 instead, leaving Blandina and Puffin to get to the buoy first. Diatom and Genista had a battle, at which point Diatom gybed for a nice gust of wind, which promptly disappeared, losing her ground to Anthea and Pimpernel.
At 11 it was announced that the course was to be shortened, leaving Puffin, who has squeezed past Blandina, to lead the fleet home. Blandina and Genista followed. At the buoy, Anthea and Pimpernel continued on starboard tack, which left the door open for Diatom to tack and grab 4th place.

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