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Sunday 28th June

After a glorious Saturday, Sunday woke up with a hangover, with clouds and the threat of rain showers. The wind did hold up and was blowing F3 from the SW, and the tide was ebbing all morning. John Poyner, the RO, set a course of Black Rock (P), Stone Pier (P,) 4-The English Summer Berry Co (P), Towers (P), 8 –Bouldnor (P), 18 -Mount(S) . All the Y’s in the water came to the line – 8 in total. From the start, the inshore boats did better, and  Puffin led off followed by Genista, helmed by Hugh and Magnolia helmed by Alex Gallimore. Diatom, Blandina, Anthea, helmed by Alan Seward, Katinka, with Stephen Payne and Jenny & Jack, and finally Pimpernel. At Black Rock, spinnakers were set to start the long run against the tide up to Stone Pier. Puffin and Genista eked out a lead at the pier, while Blandina called a cheeky water on Magnolia and Diatom. After the pier, Magnolia left Diatom to fend off Blandina’s luffs while Anthea crept ever closer. Blandina then started to defend against this new threat, leaving Diatom to get clean air and pull away. Behind, Katinka was keeping in touch, while Pimpernel fell further back. At Stone Pier, the first 4 remained in order with Anthea replacing Blandina in 5th. There was then a beat down tide past 4 to Towers with no changes in position, At Towers it was up spinnakers to run to Bouldnor. In the case of Magnolia it was up spinnaker then down spinnaker as the halyard slipped  and the sail went from pulling the boat forward to dragging her to a standstill as the kite filled with water. Diatom took advantage to slip by into 3rd place. Magnolia did recover her sail and held off Anthea. Following Bouldnor, it was a beat with the tide again, with the tricky call of when to tack for Mount. Puffin held on to win, but Genista understood the mark, giving Diatom hope for  a moment, alas soon dashed.

Final result – Puffin, Genista, Diatom, Magnolia, Anthea, Blandina, Katinka, Pimpernel.

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