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Sailing News

Wednesday 16th July

On a beautiful sunny evening the wind blew from the west F3-4 and with an ebb tide running strongly just off springs. Puffin strayed over the line at the start, giving Anthea the chance to lead the YOD fleet followed by Blandina, Pimpernel and eventually Francesca, who had kicker trouble and was late to the line. The fleet sped down the beat with the tide underneath them until they reached Black Rock. Here this week’s lesson was being taught: Water at the Mark. With almost everyone arriving at the same time there was a bit of a kerfuffle, letting Puffin catch up and move to the front. Anthea, still well placed was second Y on the run past the pier but with Blandina hot on her heels. The boats gybed to get out to 9 then ran off up Bouldnor Bay. At the end Puffin, Anthea and Blandina finished in that order. Pimpernel retired with equipment failure. Francesca, having nearly been sliced in two by a Class One, who performed a spectacular crash gybe, also retired having missed a mark and also with equipment failure.

Sunday 20th July

On a hot and sultry morning, seven YOD’s came to the line, including Katinka for the first time this year. The programme promised a committee boat start and two windward leeward races. However, this was not to be, as the wind was in a capricious mood blowing wheezily from the North / North East. A start was made, but only Puffin and Genista managed to round the windward mark before the wind dropped completely. For the next hour there was much kedging practice and the occasional very unusual sight of boats trying to get to the windward mark under spinnaker, as the wind had little flurries from all directions. Finally, just after the time limit, the sea breeze came through just in time to get people back to their moorings in time for lunch.

Wednesday 9th July

With the wind a little blustery from the North North West the fleet was sent over to the North Island. Puffin managed to escape the clutches of Blandina and finish first on the water. Francesca, having lagged behind decided to go cruising up the Lymington River before sailing back and retiring.

Sunday 13th July

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It was another beautiful summers evening, with the sun shining and the SW wind holding up, that the fleet set out. The usual suspects were out on the water, but joined by Francesca, launched after a couple of years moping in the shed. Unusually, Anthea got off to a splendid start and reached 3 buoy ahead of the other Y’s. Puffin was chasing her as fast as she could withPimpernel and Blandina close behind. Francesca, seemingly adjusting her sights after a period in the dark, started to make headway under spinnaker. Eventually she gained a creditable third place behind Anthea in second place, with Puffin getting by her in the end to win. Pimpernel came 4th withBlandina, having bounced and squeaked her way round the course in 5th.

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