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Sailing News

The sun continued to shine on the happy sailors in the Y fleet and the wind stayed in the south, but was forecast to drop, so the course was set on the Island side of the Solent. Puffin recovered from a slow start to race off into the lead, while the return of Anthea to Wednesday night racing brought a second place. Pimpernel beat Blandina for the third place.


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Wednesday 11th June

On a beautiful summers evening, three YOD’s set out to race. There was a toast mark in the course – where if you get it wrong, you are toast. Puffin and Pimpernel managed to get round Lymington Bank ( the aforesaid toast mark) but Blandina misjudged the strength of the tide and was toasted.

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Wednesday 4th June


Glum faces in the bar as the wind howled through from the south west attacking a west going tide causing too much white water for racing.

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