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Sailing News

The weather held up nicely and for once the wind managed to stay around to the end of the race. Puffin and Blandina were the only two boats out to play with the XOD’s. For once Puffin was not up with the leaders, but still finished well ahead of Blandina.

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After the great gales of the previous weekend, the wind gods were shattered on a sunny Wednesday evening. The wind therefore had the strength of a dying seagull’s last breaths. Puffin sailed off with the XOD’s and made it round the windward mark and out to No 2 in an increasing flood tide. Blandina and Pimpernel found that the wind dropped at the

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With the wind gods in a rather foul mood, most sensible sailors sat in the bar and reflected on the conditions. Not Blandina, however, as she joined two XOD’s, namely Foxy and Arrow, in attempting to sail in rough seas.

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