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Sailing News

29th April – Wednesday Series 1 Race 1

Puffin and Blandina were joined on the line by XOD Foxy with a lively WSW breeze which was gusting to near gale force in the middle. From the start, Foxy got away with Blandina edging ahead of Puffin. The course did have the formidable Lymington Bank  and the boats did well to get out, gybe and return as the gusts got heavier and heavier.

Foxy held on to win on the water with Blandina finishing ahead of Puffin

Sunday 3rd May

With gusts over 40 knots in the middle and up to 30 the wise Y sailors and the other classes retreated back to bed, dreaming of sunny days and balmy winds.

Monday 4th May – Seabird Trophy

3 YOD’s and 4 XOD’s took to the line on a day of contrast to the Sunday. The wind was F2 from the SW, going more southerly, the sun was out and all was well with the world. X23 Starlight made the best start followed by Diatom on the way to Black Rock. Blandina moved into second place at the mark, only to lose it after a slow spinnaker hoist. On then to H, a long run with the tide across the Solent, with the wind dropping to F1-2. Diatom did her usual ‘sail into a hole’ routine just as she threatened X23, letting Blandina back through and Genista catch up. At the mark, Blandina took too long to drop her spinnaker, letting Diatom move back through.

The leg back across the Solent proved to be tricky as the wind had firmly moved to the South, giving a beat. Starlight and Diatom tried sailing high to lee bow the tide, but Foxy, Sans Souci and Genista sailed low for speed, getting past Diatom and threatening Starlight. Blandina went further along the mainland side and Rosalita came earlier to the Island shore.

The race was shortened after 8, with Starlight avenging last year’s defeat on behalf of the XOD’s. Genista was first Y home followed by Diatom and Blandina.

In light winds and the usual strong tides, the start timing was crucial.  Puffin, Blandina, Anthea, Magnolia, Franchesca and Pimpernel came to the line - with a guest appearance from Ned Tutton in Magnolia.  30 seconds before the startBlandina’s mainsheet lost a pin, but despite this they made the line in good time.  On the reach to the first mark Puffin pulled ahead, closely followed byPimpernel and Blandina, who were neck and neck.  On rounding the mark, spinnakers went up and Puffin increased her lead even further.  Magnoliacaught Pimpernel and Blandina and the three boats jostled continuously.  On rounding Harbour East Magnolia pulled ahead, closely followed by Blandina andPimpernel.  On this second upwind leg, Magnolia got clear ahead of Blandina &Pimpernel, but on trying to hoist the spinnaker, things went horribly wrong and once again the fight was on for second place.  On rounding the leeward mark, all they had to do was get to the finish, but it was neck and neck, with all three boats tacking in different directions.  On the line, Blandina pushed Magnoliainto the ODM and all three boats had a photo finish.  The final finishing order was Puffin, Blandina, Pimpernel, Magnolia followed by Anthea and Francesca.

On Saturday four boats came to the line, Blandina, Diatom, Puffin andPimpernel.  On the start line Diatom and Blandina fought for best position withBlandina pulling away.  On the beat to the first mark, Blandina kept her lead, as Diatom ran aground allowing Puffin – sailed by Steven Payne – to get past.  On approaching number 14, Blandina tacked and just made it round, closely followed by Puffin.  However with the wind dying Blandina hoisted her spinnaker, but immediately dropped it, realising she needed to point higher.  Whereas Puffin tried to hold her spinnaker, a strategy that sadly didn’t pay off.  Meanwhile Diatom and Pimpernel missed No14, due to the lack of wind and continued to battle to get round.  Blandina, while pointing high, managed to drift past the right side of No.2, unlike Puffin.  Resulting Blandina being the only boat to get round the course and finish.

The same four boats came to the line on Sunday and once again Blandina andDiatom jostled for the lead.  Blandina tacked off and managed to lay the windward mark, with Diatom just ahead.  Puffin and Pimpernel were close behind.  On the downwind leg Blandina managed to edge past Diatom, butDiatom soon got ahead on the next windward leg.  On the leeward leg to the finish, Diatom kept her clear lead, with Blandina holding off Puffin to finish in second place by only two seconds, with Pimpernel bringing up rear.
Results overall for the Royal Artillery Regatta, Blandina won, with Diatom,Puffin and Pimpernel following in that order.  A big well done to Alex Gallimore and Steven Payne, for their success helming & being in charge of their YODs in their first regatta.

Wednesday 20th August

An impressive 6 YOD’s took to the water, with Katinka joining in the fray. Puffin took the win, but Katinka came in ahead of Blandina, Anthea, Pimpernel and Francesca. Saturday 23rd August – Needles Race. 6 boats again came to the line on a blustery afternoon with the last of the ebb tide cutting the water up in the channel. The conditions were too much for Pimpernel who withdrew early on. The rest of the fleet had an exciting passage down to the Elbow, with the lead changing between Genista, Puffin and Diatom on almost every tack. Eventually Puffin rounded ahead of Diatom with Genista in close attendance. Blandina followed and Katinka brought up the rear. Spinnakers were hoisted for the leg inshore as the boats sought the early flood tide. There were surges and alarms, but the order remained the same at the finish.

Sunday 24th August

A red letter day for the Class as all 9 Y’s raced for the first time in many years. The weather was not entirely in keeping with the occasion, as there was a dying N’Easterly on the turn of the tide from flood to ebb. The fleet was split, with Genista, Magnolia, Katinka and Francesca starting out at the ODM and the rest inshore. Initially it looked like a winning tactic, as inshore the wind dropped and kedges were deployed. However, the wind filled in from the south, and the inshore boats were soon surging forward under spinnaker. The wind was inconsistent and leads were gained and lost on the long leg to Stone Pier. Then the outside boats got the wind and the fleet converged at the mark with Puffin, Genista, Magnolia, Pimpernel, Diatom, Blandina, Katinka, Anthea and Francesca. The race was then round HE to be shortened through the line.

Monday 25th August

Junior Helm Despite a miserable forecast, two intrepid juniors took to the water in a Southerly breeze laced with drizzle. Blandina got away at the start only for Pimpernel to catch her by the first mark, HE. They then set off for 2 with Pimpernel looking fast, but she did not get out far enough into the tide and lost some ground. From 2 it was round Towers to port then 8 to Starboard. Though the line to 19 then 9 then 18. Blandina had to tack to get to 19, but Pimpernel caught a freeing gust and made it in one to close the gap momentarily. Unluckily the wind inshore was fickle and Blandina went on to win, giving Alex Gallimore the trophy, with Dan Lee second.

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