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Wednesday 17th June

Two YOD’s were out on a fine but blustery evening. Blandina, with special guest helm, went down for a get to know you session in Bouldnor Bay before the start. Right before the start in fact. As a result Puffin sailed off unchallenged to win. Blandina followed at a distance for second.

Sunday 21st June

With a nice westerly breeze holding up better than forecast and a strong flood tide, a course of Black Rock, Colten, Line, Stone Pier, Line , HE, 2, # was set – all marks to Starboard. Puffin and Genista led past the pier, with Blandina heading Diatom, Anthea, Katinka and Pimpernel. Most of the fleet stayed on the Island side after Black Rock, going well past Sconce before venturing over to the Mainland shore, The exception was Pimpernel, who went early from the back. The whole of the Island contingent massively overstood the mark, ending up reaching in to Colten. Pimpernel however, was passed going in the opposite direction as Tony had directed Steve to B in error. At C it was a spinnaker run across the tide, with Puffin and Genista ahead, Diatom comfortable in third, and with Blandina, Anthea and Katina fighting closely for the next 3 places. After gybing through the line, kites were held all the way to Stone Pier. There then was a long beat against the tide back to the line where the race was shortened. Puffin, Genista and Diatom occupied the podium positions, but there was much changing of position for the next three, with Anthea coming through to beat Katinka and Blandina. Pimpernel arrived last.

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