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The Class was originally established at the Solent Yacht Club in 1910, on the instigation of Sir Arthur Cope, RA, a famous portrait painter of the Royal Family, who was class captain from its foundation until 1935 and commodore of the Solent Yacht Club from 1926 to 1934. (Royal status was awarded in 1947.)

The boats were designed by Henry Longmore, and of the total of 13 launched, 11 were built by Theo Smith in Yarmouth just before and after the First World War and two in the 1920s by Woodnutts at St. Helens. They were originally gaff rigged, but adopted Bermudian rig in 1936. The rig was modified again in 1959 when Roger de Quincy, who lived in Yarmouth at the time, drew up a new sail plan with a shorter boom and fixed backstay instead of runners.

The Class held its first season of racing in 1913, but in 1914 racing was curtailed by the outbreak of war in August and not resumed until 1919, when the Class first took part in Cowes Week. The fleet continued to race until 1970, interrupted only by the Second World War. The Class was disbanded in 1970, due to the difficulty in getting enough entries for Cowes Week, and the boats were sold off, but fortunately the majority survived.

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